Boxing/Kickboxing SWEAT

This Boxing/Kickboxing class is designed to teach technique. Develop your skills and sweat to achieve your physical and mental goals. We combine high intensity training and skills to challenge your body while engaging your mind. All fitness levels are welcomed. 

Boxing/Kickboxing STRONG

This class is aimed toward strength and conditioning. You will achieve this by adding body weight exercises in between boxing rounds. Many skills are needed in boxing, so building up those muscles is vital. All fitness levels are welcomed. 

Boxing/Kickboxing LEAN

For this workout, we will work at a steady non-stop pace. From the first to the last bell,  our bodies will remain in the maximum fat-burning zone. Whether your training for a event or fighting to lose some weight, this class is your scales biggest opponent. All fitness levels welcome.


Perfect for anyone who is looking to focus on the dynamics of their offense and defense of boxing. Burn fat while improving your movement and learn how to properly throw each punch and kick. 


This is the class that will show you how to move your feet like a boxer. For anyone who wants to perfect their movement around the heavy bag and in the ring. A great lower body workout.

1:1 Training

Whether it's your first time or you have been boxing for years, the learning never stops. With mitt work, you get a 1:1 session that will help build fundamentals and focus on techniques. All fitness levels welcome

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Beginner and Advanced

Mixed Martial Arts is the true blend of some of the most effective disciplines known to man and perhaps the best way for you to combine self-defense and total-body strength building into one workout. MMA classes offer men and women of all abilities the chance to learn the sport or take their skills to the next level in a safe and secure environment.

Learn the ins and outs of...

  • BJJ (No Gi)
  • Takedowns & Defence
  • Muay Thai
  • Boxing
  • and more 


Step in the ring with one of our trainers for a safe and supportive sparring session.  You will learn to control your punches, react defensively, apply your footwork and put it all together with combinations. 10 Mitt work sessions, trainer approval, headgear and mouthpiece required.

Personal Training

You set your goals, let us help you crush them! Work with a personal trainer either 1:1 or in a small group to help you reach your fitness goals.

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